Top Intellectual Property Chain!

Top intellectual Property Chain(TIPC) is a new type of block chain based on block chain and artificial intelligence technology, which can support a variety of distributed applications, cross chain transaction and multi chain interaction, provide credible security and super high performance block chain service. The community is the foundation of our existence, the purpose of TIP is to allow the community's creator and community members interact directly, and use AI technology to enable community members to fully participate in the construction of communities or projects. Both professional and amateurs can brainstorm in this community and turn anyone's innovation in the block chain technology into a touchable idea. The collaboration between existing innovation teams is very inefficient. We can make it easier for entrepreneurial teams to find complementary teams through AI technology, making choices more diversified, easier to connect efficiently, and achieving win-win cooperation. We build this community for people with common interests, and community members can get the dividends of community development and personal community contributions.

TIP integrates the development of future Big Data and blockchain algorithms.As the "chain" data continues to accumulate, certain data types will be aggregated and dispersed. The combination of TIP and Microdata and Big Data will be responsible for the overall integration of all "chains" and their corresponding counterparts. Related "chain" data, the entire wise chain community can continue to grow and grow by AI calculus, self-evolving, while the data volume and data value continue to grow, the wise chain score is also expected to gain the value of data stream addition. Increase the long-term return on investment and the willingness of users to hold.

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